Dolan & Dean Consulting Engineers, LLC was founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Dolan and Gary Dean bringing 50 years of combined professional experience in providing specialized civil engineering consulting services exclusively in the areas of traffic engineering, roadway and intersection design, and transportation planning.

The firm serves a continuously growing client base with diversified project experience in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Delaware for private, institutional and municipal/governmental agency clients.


Our professional services include:

  • Traffic engineering analysis
  • Highway design
  • DOT access permitting
  • Municipal consulting
  • Site planning and design evaluation
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Parking studies
  • Transportation planning
  • Traffic signal design & construction inspection
  • Noise studies



Complex issues surround community traffic and parking concerns. The solutions are as unique and diverse as the neighborhoods and expectations of our clients. 

More than ever, a context sensitive approach is needed to balance economic limitations with the highest possible level of quality and service.



No project can be considered a success unless it is clearly understood by the public. We are distinguished among our peers by our skills in making public presentations that address traffic concerns with an emphasis on clear communication.

We have presented to more than 500 different planning & zoning boards, public agencies and in Courts of Law throughout the region.